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There are three responses to a piece of design - yes, no, and WOW!

Wow is the one to aim for. ~ Milton Glaser.

Ahoj! (Hello!)

My name is Renata Wesner and, as you may have already guessed, I am not originally from the US. I was born and raised in the Czech Republic and emigrated to the US with my husband in 1998.

I am a freelance graphic designer based in Huntersville, NC.

I am a firm believer in first impressions, we live in a world of competition where your business needs to look professional and fresh— my new, creative ideas will do just that for you. I bring experience from a multi-cultural and international design approach that domestic designers just don’t have.

I am positive you will look good if we connect and get some work done.


  • Branding — logos
  • Marketing materials design — brochures, templates, flyers, banners, ads, signs
  • Business cards and letterhead design
  • Blogs and social media graphics — timelines, banners, ads
  • Product and professional photography image cleaning and touch ups
  • Rendering — illustrations
  • Instructional and presentation materials design — B2B infographic design, hand-outs, reports… and more
Please contact us for more information regarding our services. We will provide you with a free quote for your graphic project.

Graphic Design Q&A

What is graphic design?

Graphic design, also known as communication design, is a skilled art design where artwork, text and images are combined to form an effective message.

What services do you provide?

Branding services, print marketing, materials design, business cards and letterhead design, social mediaand blogs graphics, photography cleaning and touch-ups, illustrations, presentation materials design and more. Please contact us for more information regarding our services. We will provide you with a free quote for your graphic project.

What is the design process?

Initial Meeting – Let’s get to know each other so I can get an understanding of your design expectations and ideas. We’ll discuss your company history, goals, competitors, project details and expectations.

Quote – I’ll provide you with a price per project. I do not charge an hourly rate. I’m a believer in a fair deal and treatment. A signed agreement and 50% deposit is required before commencement of any work.

Research – Research is one of the most important parts of each project. I'm constantly searching for inspirations which could be found just about everywhere – online, in stores, magazines, books etc. I take into consideration current trends, future goals and past experiences.

Design – Now is the time to buckle up and get to work. I take into consideration all of your requirements, my brainstorming ideas and market research before I start any of my projects. Remember, I want you to LOOK GOOD and be memorable!

I will email you 2-4 initial designs for your review (I usually use Dropbox services). If it is a logo design project, you will receive 3-4 of my best designs; for a brochure design project you will be provided with 2-3 of my best designs (depending on a scale of the project).

Feedback and Revision – I will send you two revision folders for each of your graphic design projects and you will provide me with your feedback as soon as possible (one revision is usually completed within aweek or less).

Printing and Delivery – I can deliver the finished product to you for an additional printing and delivery charge which would be added to your final design invoice. I am not happy with my design.

Do I pay for revision?

If you are not happy with your design and you provide me with constructive feedback in a timely manner then I will usually work with you. I want you to be happy, your first and second round of reasonable edits are free (as per your contract).

What do I need to provide you with before you start working on my project?

I can’t begin any work or research before I receive a signed contract, the 50% deposit and any important files from you.

Where are you located?

Huntersville, North Carolina. You do not have to live in the Carolinas to become one of my clients – call me!

Any tips on who to hire for my designs?

Different factors play a role in choosing the right designer for your needs.

If you are looking for high-quality work and money is not an option, I recommend you look for designagencies and medium-large design studios. Their pricing is anywhere from $150/hr. + and small projects start around $6000-$9000. If you are on a budget, but quality work is important to you, I recommend you look for small studiosand freelancers, like me. Pricing is generally $35-$100/hr. and you get one-on-one attention.

Small B2B Design Hot Tips

Branding services:

Whether you are a small business with existing marketing material or a startup new to the market, developing a solid visual identity will set a base for your business to grow. Your business needs to look fresh and polished. Consistency is the key here. Choosing the right colors, fonts, product photography, videos, documents and layouts will determine what first impression your customers will get when they receive your marketing material or when they visit your website. Showing professionalism, creating trust and recognition is what you are aiming for and that’s what you will achieve with good branding services.

Do you feel you can use some help?

Contact us today for a personalized branding consultation.

What branding pieces do I need as a start-up business?

Once you connect with us and we establish your branding preferences then you will definitely need a

strong logo to represent your business name. Your logo needs to be on every paper you distribute, every online page, and on every e-mail you send out. What’s next? A strong identity kit — brochures or templates -where you can change data and update information your customers need to know on a regular basis-, flyers, banners, ads and any other hand-outs you’ll need in order to create a solid foundation for your new name recognition in today’s market. Let’s not forget the importance of professional looking business cards, letterheads, envelopes and thank you notes.

“I’m thinking about buying Adobe Creative Suite myself and saving the money of hiring a designer… any thoughts?”

This can work if you answer yes to the following:
  1. Do you have lots of time to spare to learn this new software (Illustrator, In-Design and Photoshop are all very different)?
  2. Are you very computer savvy?
  3. Do you have the creative skills to think like a right-brainer and create design-oriented solutions?
  4. Can you create a simple and effective message while combining creativity and language skills?
Hot tip: Focus on what you are best at and leave the branding, design and visual communications to an expert.

Client Testimonials

I pride myself on being responsive, timely and thorough while delivering professional marketing results with every project I take on. I appreciate every customer who gave me the opportunity to work on their logo, brochure or other marketing material. Thank you!

Client: Donna Taylor, CPA — Fulfillment Coaching & Consulting, LLC

I was referred to Renata by a fellow Rotarian. Choosing to use her services proved to be a great decision. As a business owner starting a new business, I wanted to work with someone that I felt I could trust while getting the services needed. Renata certainly met this. She spent time learning about my business and me in order to create a logo that fit the services my business provided and who I was as the owner. Her designs were creative and specific to me and my business. I was also very pleased with her professionalism and adherence to deadlines we agreed on. She provided assistance in a way that allowed my business to move forward. — Donna Taylor, CPA, Career & Business Coach

Client: Clint Ingram, Director, Ingram Funeral Home & Cremation Society
RW Graphic Design created the yard sign in front of Ingram Funeral Home & Cremation Society in historic
downtown Mooresville, NC. I was so impressed with Renata’s ability to take in the rough vision I had in my mind for the sign and then create it. Her artistic talent and passion for her work comes out in her designs. I have since asked her to design my business cards and a flier. I can’t wait to see what she creates! RW Graphic Design creates tasteful designs accompanied by a professional format which offers opportunity for feedback and revisions. I highly recommend RW Graphic Design! Her ability to listen to you, create what you need, with taste and class, sets her apart from designers I have worked with in the past. — Clint Ingram, Director


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